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Feb 06 2018

Six Reliable Used Cars You Can Buy Under $4000 in 2018

Are you looking for a cheap used car? Maybe you are looking for a car that is cheap, stylish and beautiful. It depends on the priorities of different peoples. But, many people want to purchase a used car that is reliable and provides higher value at a cheaper rate.  With a little research, you can find many reliable used cars under $4000.

If you are looking for cheap used cars you can search for cheap used cars under $4000. You can easily find cars in this price range.

Where to Look for Used Cars for Sale Under $4000?

You have many options when looking to buy cheap cars under 4000 dollars.

You can contact a private seller for the purchase of a used car that you want to purchase. Dealing with a private seller may be easier for you as you can purchase a car without any medium between you and the seller. But, you need to be careful about the history of the car that you are going to purchase. With a private dealer, you may not know what has happened to the car it the past. You can ask your friends, family, and other people to get a used car for you.

A used car dealership is another option that you can use for the purchase of used cars. You can contact a dealer for the purchase of cheap used cars under $4000. Due to high-quality stock that dealer has you have a good chance of finding a cheap used car that is cheap and reliable. You can get discounts when buying cars in bulk. When dealing with a used car dealership you can make it sure that you are making a purchase in a secure way.

What to Look for in Used Cars Under 4000 Dollars?

Do not rush to purchase the car, instead do proper homework before making the purchase. It is necessary to make it sure that you will get what you pay for. You need to do a proper inspection before making the purchase. Here is what to look when used buying cheap used cars under 4000 dollars.

  • It is important to check exterior and interior of the car before making the purchase. Both inside and outside condition of the car plays a major role in the value of a car. Check for any repairs on the car exterior. You should not buy a car with many repairs, however, a car with minor repairs should be considered. It is also important to open the hood and take a look at the engine and parts. Rusty parts can be an indication of a problem.

  • Test driving is the most important part when inspecting a car. You should test the car on local roads and highways and look how it performs. Checking brakes is also important. Run the car for half an hour and press the brakes. Make it sure it is working well. Pay attention to weird sounds during test driving.

  • Any car that is leaking fluid is a red flag for any repair. During the test drive, park the car on a clean area on the road, and take a  look at the car if anything is leaking. Different colors of fluids may indicate different problems.

  • Getting the help of a professional is important when inspecting a car. Some people do not take this, but they should. It is important to hire a professional for the inspection of the car. A mechanic can tell you about the hidden problems of the car. Using his professional knowledge professional can tell you about any problems that may arise in the future. Even he can assist when assessing the value of the car.

  • Do some research work and find information about the model that you are considering to purchase. You should research to help uncover common defects of the car. You can easily do this online.

  • You need to make it sure that you are being charged a price that is fair. Compare prices of the same make, model and year from different sources. You can contact dealership online and get information. Condition and mileage of the car can affect the value, but you can get a fair estimate of the price.

  • A vehicle history report can help you see title problems, ownership history, services are done on the cars and accidents records. You should ask your dealer to provide the report of the car.

  • Many people rush when buying a used car and purchase a car without doing the proper research.In order to avoid any remorse, take your time before making the purchase.

Cheap Used Cars Under 4000 Dollars

Here are some reliable used cars that you can purchase:

1994 Acura Legend

Acura is a luxury division of Honda. Acura Legend was made by Honda in the early-to-mid 1990s. It is a highly reliable car if its reasonable maintenance items are taken care of. It is a front wheel drive.  

It is a car that is still held in high regard even after so many years. It was a hit after its production in consumers and reviewers alike.

Acura Used Cars List

1985 Honda CRX Si

It is said that Honda SRI marked the start of the hot hatch wars in America. It is a good commuter car for its low cost, sporty design, excellent performance and superior fuel economy.  Primitive fuel injection system with four cylinders makes enough horsepower to get the car out of its own way.

Honda Used Cars List

1986 Toyota Tercel

It is a subcompact manufactured by Toyota across five generations. It was one of the most famous cars of its time as it ousted many of its competitors. This is not good for adventurous roads; however, it is good on normal roads.

Toyota Used Cars List

2003 Toyota Corolla

Corolla is world’s top-selling car. It has sold in many countries of the world. But, 2003 corolla faced competition in the small car segment due to Korean counterparts which offered reliability at competitive prices. New models are related to some Lexus models. It is beneficial in the case of accidents as significant care also went into the crash performance of this car. Trim levels are available in this car: the base CE, the sporty S, and the luxurious LE.

1997 Lexus LX450

This model of Lexus offers comfort, interior design, performance, reliability, and many other things.

1997 was the second production year for the sports utility vehicle LX450. This was similar to Toyota land cruiser but it features several additional options and interior refinements.  It offers drive quality with many other features. It was competing against Infiniti in 1997.

It is a reliable choice in this price range.

1996 Lexus LS400

Lexus 400 debuted in 1989 and it featured a powerful engine, smooth transmissions, large brakes, and a spacious and luxurious interior. In its earlier years, the price seemed to creep upward however in the later years but its sale did not decrease. Its engine produced 260 horsepower and 270-pound-feet of torque while consuming premium fuel at a reasonable rate of 19/25 mpg. To counterbalance increased engine power larger brakes had been added. All 400s are rear wheel drive.

It is a good choice under $4000.

Which is your favorite car under 4000 dollars?

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