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Buying Used Cars in Malaysia: Tips for Purchasing Second Hand Cars

Used cars have many benefits. With the raising prices of new cars it is time to switch to used cars. Buying used cars in Malaysia is easier. Here is how you can purchase used cars in Malaysia.

  • Start With the Homework

Buying a car is an important decision. You are going to spend too much money on something. It is better to get as much knowledge as possible before making a decision.  Make an assessment of your needs. Which car do you want? Are you buying it for longer visits or office use? How much to spend on car’s maintenance? What type of car loan do you need to get? These are some of the questions that can help you to make a good choice.  

Thanks to internet that you are able to find information about what you want to buy. You can get information about the used cars and read reviews. Many people share their opinions about the cars and that information can be helpful for you.

  • Budget Wisely

Low price is a major factor that comes into play when buying used cars. It is a major reason people prefer used cars instead of new cars.

Many online sites offer the facility to know the price of used cars. You can take a look at some of those sites and find prices of your chosen cars. Keep in mind that car you want to purchase is an investment.

Another important question is how you are going to finance your car purchase. Are you considering bank loans or dealer financing? How will you repay everything?  

  • Car Inspection

After you have chosen a car and managed your financing, it is time to check the car that you want to purchase. Seeing a car on a screen or an image may look fascinating, but it is not a good way to purchase a car. It is advised to get the car checked in person so you do not get stuck.

It is good to inspect the car yourself; however you should take a mechanic with you if you do not know enough about the cars. A mechanic can inspect the car well by using his experience.  

Test drive the car to make sure that it is in good condition. Drive it for almost half an hour and pay attention to the sounds. Try to hear any sounds that are weird. These sounds may indicate problems in the car.

  • Documentation

Paperwork is important when buying a used car. Incomplete paperwork may get you in trouble. You may not want to get stuck with a stolen or roadworthy car, so it is better to get all the necessary papers. You need to have all the documents in place if you want to avoid any unfair incident.

If you are dealing with a used car dealership your car may have been inspected by relevant authority. Dealers take special consideration with regard to car inspection as they do not want to get their reputation destroyed. You should ask for vehicle registration card, Transfer of ownership (B5) and other important reports.

Dealing with a private owner is simple. Ask for B5 and B7 reports respectively. 

When Buying Japanese used Cars:

If you want to purchase a Japanese used car in Malaysia then you can avail some options. Here are some tips that you need to keep in mind while purchasing a used Japanese car in Malaysia.

  • If you have decided to buy Japanese used cars in Malaysia you can contact with a Japanese used cars dealer and make a purchase.
  • Dealer will provide you everything related the car to make it sure that you are making the best deal.  
  • You will be provided with an auction sheet. Auction sheet will be containing all the information about the car.  
  • You can purchase a used Japanese car by bidding in Japanese used car auction. Buying at an auction can provides you a wide range of cars. 


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