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How to Import Japanese Used Cars to New Zealand

Japanese cars are famous all over the world due to their durability. Even used Japanese cars are exported in many countries of the world. It can be seen running them on the roads of many countries.  

Importing Japanese used cars to other countries is easier and it depends on the rules and regulations of that country. It is better to be aware of the used vehicle import laws to make the process easier.  

Here is a step by step guide to import Japanese used cars to New Zealand:

Find a Reliable Exporter:

If you have decided to import a Japanese used car, it is time to find a reliable used cars exporter. There are many Japanese used cars exporter in Japan who exports Japanese cars in many countries of the world. You can access their website online.  You can find information about them on their website which contains details about everything.

Get the required information on their site. Check every detail about the experience of the exporter and reputation. A good way is to get in touch with their old customers and find what they say.

Find the Car:

It is time to select a used car that you like. Assess your needs and budget. Get information about the cart that you want to buy. Visit the cars stock on used cars exporter’s website and find the one that fits your needs. Check its prices and other details and compare it online. Make it sure that car is fit for your budget fulfills your criteria. 

Order and Payment:

You have completed your search and found a good car to import in New Zealand. If you have chosen a good used car you can order it on the exporter’s website and start the process of importing.

For making payment, they will send you an invoice. Read everything carefully and make the payment in your local bank. It will be transferred to their account in Japan. Save the receipt so you can use it for further processes.

After you make the payment process of import can be started.

Port Clearance:

When a vehicle arrives on the port, it needs to be cleared off. It requires necessary and relevant documents so it can get out of the port. 

Import Rules and Regulations:

Here are some rules and regulations that need to be taken into account when importing Japanese used cars to New Zealand.

In order to import a vehicle to New Zealand, you must provide evidence:

  • Proof of ownership:

You need to prove that you are the legal owner of the vehicle. You must provide related documents that prove that you are the owner.

  • Emission Standards, Frontal Impact Standards, and Overall Standards

The car must meet emission standards in order to get imported in New Zealand. You also need to provide frontal impact standard and overall standards-related documents. 

  • Fuel Consumption Certificate:

You need to provide fuel consumption certificate.

  • Light-Vehicle Brake Standards:

Check for the presence of ESC in order to import vehicle in New Zealand.

  • Heavy-Vehicle Brake Standards

If you want to import a heavy vehicle you need to check for compliance with one of the approved brake standards.  

Compliance standards of NAZTA

It is important to think about extra repair if a vehicle fails the compliance test. Every vehicle is tested before shipment to New Zealand and it needs to pass the test.

Right-Hand Drive:

All the vehicles must be right-hand drive only. However, there is an exception for some special purpose vehicles like machinery, antique cars, or motorsport cars.

Shipping Ports:

Japanese used cars can be shipped to major ports of New Zealand like Auckland, Dunedin, Lyttleton, Napier, Tauranga, and Wellington.

Importing a Japanese used vehicle New Zealand is easier. Find a reliable used cars exporter, visit their website and order the vehicle. It will get delivered in a few weeks. 


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