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Jamaica Auction Commission Plan 

 Are you a dealer and want to import Japanese used vehicles in Jamaica? You are in the right place as you have found the right services you need for the purchase and import of Japanese used cars in Jamaica.  With our impeccable auction services, you can get access to a wide range of vehicles available in Japan and get them delivered in Jamaica. Make your way to Japanese live auction through our lowest-priced, easy to use auction commission plan. 

Cars for Jamaica from Japanese Live Auction

Japanese cars are popular in many parts of the world. Not only new cars but used Japanese cars have also established their presence in many countries. The high build quality, excellent features, and reasonable prices are the main factors behind the popularity of these cars. These cars are provided from Japanese used cars auction which is held in Japan. By having access to Japanese auction customers from all over the world can order vehicles and get them exported in their respective countries. The customers can bid, purchase and then receive the cars in Jamaica. However, that requires access to Japanese live auction.

Jamaica Auction Commission Plan/Auction Services

Zulfiqar Motors Japan offers easily accessible, transparent, and low prices auction services for the dealers in Jamaica. The Japanese auction services will grant access to a large number of vehicles in the live auction in Japan. The plan offers comparatively lowest prices and ensures buyers safety.

We have highly qualified and trained staff in Japan that assists the customers at every step of the purchase process from bidding to shipment. We have vast experience in the industry than spans over 20 years. We provide reliable and quick shipping services all over the world.

Features of Jamaica Auction Services

After subscribing, here is what you can expect from this plan.

•    Transparency

We do not hide anything from our customers. The plan is transparent and the customers will not get surprised with any hidden charges.

•    Not any unsuccessful Bidding Charges

We do not charge our customers for any unsuccessful bidding. The charges will apply only after the vehicle is purchased.

•    Pre-Shipment Inspected Stock

In a bid to offer quality services to our customers, all the vehicles are pre-inspected before shipment.

•    Free Access Available

In a bid to make it more affordable for our customers, we are offering free auction access for a limited time period.

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