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Feb 10 2020

Chicago 2020 Auto Show Features Test Tracks, Puppies, Car Debuts


Chicago 2020 Auto Show offering so much fun and excitement like test drive of latest and greatest cars on indoor tracks, Simulator Games and cuddle with puppies. This fabulous show is already started and remains till February 17. Toyota will allow you to take a test drive and show you latest and greatest technology, Comfort and Safety features of Rav4, Highlander and Camry TRD.

There are different segments in which different companies give test ride in manmade terrain which are specified according to the type of the vehicle For example Jeep allows the rider to experience the Cherokee, Gladiator and Grand Cherokee, Volkswagen give test ride on dessert theme track, Ram gives test ride on construction themed track while other companies like Subaru, Ford, and Honda also offers outdoor test rides.

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