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Sep 01 2020

The Cheapest Tesla Model 3 Hatchback is Coming Next Year


Now that Tesla has a significant position in the electric vehicle market around the world, the automaker's next goal is to offer an affordable package of electric vehicles. The Tesla Model 3 was supposed to be the affordable electric car for the masses, but it never really worked. In a recent conference call with investors and analysts, Autocar says Musk has truly understood how necessary an affordable electric car is for the brand. The CEO stressed that "we will not achieve our mission if we do not make affordable cars," adding that "what bothers me most about our current situation is that our cars are not affordable enough." I need to solve this problem. "Although the affordable electric vehicle is still a long way off, Autocar believes that it will be a direct competitor to the Volkswagen ID 3 and will be built with Europe in mind. The store also believes that the vehicle will be based on the current Model 3, but has an updated design.

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